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Beautiful Rock Lights


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Phoenix, AZ
We're very proud to announce the grand opening of our new online store...


To get things started, we're taking 20% off all lights until October 1st.

About Rock-Lights.com
Rock-Lights.com products provide elegant architectural quality lighting for your landscape. Our rock lights, created from composite natural looking stone, will bring your landscape design to life when the sun goes down.

All of our products are low voltage (12 volts) and carefully molded from granite and limestone to compliment the natural beauty of your garden.

To compliment our lighting we offer a line of rock speakers also molded from natural stone. These speakers offer omni-directional sound with superb quality. They, like our rock light products, can be perfectly integrated into your garden, pool, spa or on the larger scale - theme park.

Product Preview

Contact Us
If you have any comments and/or suggestions about our site or our products please feel free to contact us.
We'd love to here from you!

Matt Jensen


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Web site is nice. Rock-Lites look like they should be sitting in front of Fred and Wilma Flintstone's place. Yabba-dabba-doooo!!!

Nice first post here but you may want to contact the site about advertising on the up and up, or, respond to some posts with relevant, topical and helpful advice, and leave a link in your sig line to your site.

Best of success to you and your new online store!