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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nathannc, Mar 6, 2007.

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    This forum has been very helpful to me, I thought if I had any good information to share, I need to do it so here goes.

    I just got through using the beaver blade today for my new Echo 400U brushcutter. I had read a couple of recommendations from members on this site and another site and based on those decided to purchase not one, but two 9 inch blades. In case you don't know what a Beaver Blade is, it is a brush and small tree cutting attachment that fits on a brushcutter and uses something very similar to chainsaw chain for the cutting edge.

    Anyway, I lit into a stump about 4 inches in diameter and was thrilled at how well it worked. The chain steadily cut the stump down in less than a minute. However, my joy quickly abated as I continued to cut small saplings up to 2 inches in diameter and watched the effectiveness of the Beaver Blade rapidly diminish. In less than 15 minutes, or about 30 saplings at the most, the blade was dull and nearly useless spraying out dust instead of chips. Let me add here that I am very experienced in using a brush cutter with a blade attachment. In addition, I did not hit the ground or any object that I thought would dull the Beaver Blade unnecessarily. The trees were mostly Sweet Gum, a few Poplar and a couple of Pines. At nearly $85.00 with the shipping I am one unhappy customer. I wonder sometimes if some companies have representatives come to these sites appearing as regular users but are just looking for an opportunity to plug their product. I am sorry, but this thing just didn't work for me.

    Does anybody have another similar blade to recommend that might be better?
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    A sub that does some clearing work for me recommended this style of blade to me one day when we were out cruising the shops over the winter.

    It was a saw blade with the chainsaw teeth.
    But it was not a Beaver brand and CERTAINLY NOT THAT EXPENSIVE.

    Wish I could remember the brand.
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    Don't give up on Beaver Blades...Learn how to use them. If they dulled fast, then you were in dirt or hit a stone. You only have a few cutting teeth on a blade so it only takes a second to touch a stone and have them all dull. I have used Beaver Blades sence they first came out, great blade. Just a heads up: its cheaper to buy a new chain than it is to have the dull one sharpened.
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    Bought one today for my 130r and it was amazing. By far the best $50 investment I have made in a while. I used it for about 3 hrs today and got a lot done. It hasn't went dull yet either. The replacement chains are really cheap also
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