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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by I_am_a_beginner, Jun 1, 2011.

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    I would like to know if there is alot of steps to become a dealer.

    What are the financial requirements?

    Knowing that in my town there is not much of dealers, only 1 Toro and 1 Ariens/Snapper/Ferris Dealer, Which brand would you pick to become a dealer (Scag, Exmark, ???).

    I would like to be 80% dedicated to commercial and 20% residential.

    There is alot of big mowing companies down here but none have a steady dealer.

    I would like a brand that would be able to support all kind of asking from commercial mowing companies.
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    look on their websites. Most will have something that will tell you about becoming a dealer. Im sure each companies financial requirements are different.
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    I would do Walker and Exmark if I was gonna do it. 99 percent of the guys in town here run 1 or both of those. Also redmax or shindaiwa. Might as well sell meyer plows too, and then a line of aerators and seeders, and you may as well rent those out too.
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    Step 1: mortgage life away.

    Step 2: work 90 hours a week.

    Step 3: make No money

    Step 4: give what little money you do make to uncle sam:

    Step 5: bankrupsy :(

    haha just kidding. Its a long uphill climb though. Just have a good business sence about you and learn everything you can. DONT GO INTO DEBT TO FAR. take baby steps. you dont need to spend 500k right of the bat.
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    Start off as a repair/service shop. Build a customer base and a reputation. Those services are more in need than a new mower shop. And a lot more profitable. If you build up a large customer base and a great reputation, the reps will approach you and be asking you to take on their lines. You'll be in a better position rather than starting with nothing and approaching them.

    You can easily get parts for any make or model out there overnight, and many parts are interchangeable between brands.

    The only thing you wont be able to do for most brands is warranty work, which if you do right by your customers, wont be a huge loss to start

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