becoming a LLC in new york

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mikefromny, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. mikefromny

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    sooo im looking into become legit LLC in new york and a lawyer said hed d oit for 339.00 without a tax id number and 378 with one i was just wondering is this a good deal? i heard that no matter waht its 200 something and he said hes just cahrging 75 on top of that ny state fee anybody can tell me if this is a real price or bad or know where i can get a better one?
  2. Cooper725

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    Not real shure what your talking about bud......could you be more specific.
  3. mikefromny

    mikefromny LawnSite Member
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    ok to register your company (inc, llc, you know what i mean?)as a Limited Liability Corporation... every state has a fee i think new york is 200 and something...this lawyer wants 339 to do all of it ... he said its 75 on top of the ny fee is this a good deal?
  4. LB1234

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    hello from jersey...

    I could/did do everything online for the state of NJ. We contacted the feds through a telephone number and received the FEIN (Federal Employee Identication Number) right over the phone. 400 bucks sounds high for having a lawyer just file the paperwork.

    So, my question...what else is he offering? I sat down with an accountant and then took specific questions to a lawyer...I filed everything myself. I think all told was less than 100 bucks...I can't was years ago.

    Wound up the lawyer nor the accountant charged me to sit down and discuss with them our options. They kinda knew we were going to use them for filing taxes and legal document crapola and the like.

    Bottom line, if all he is doing is filing your paperwork for you...I think you are getting ripped off. My two cents...
  5. LB1234

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    I'll add another thing...the attorney we use now is charging 395 for him per hour and another 295 for his paralegal (if needed). So, we get charged hourly for anything we want reviewed, signed, written, etc. SO....the 400 might not be THAT bad come to think of can save yourself 200 bucks just by filing is easy.
  6. jpmako

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    Yes it is easy.
    Go to this link and do a search for the name that you would like.

    Then if the name is not taken you can either reserve the name or apply for the LLC, or Inc. here

    I personally did the Inc. as the tax benefits are better for me, also it offers a little bit more protection against your personal assets.

    I would highly recommend that you speak not only with your attorney but also your tax professional before proceeding. I would get both of there opinions and then do your homework and see what option will work best not only for now but in the future as well.

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions you can PM me and I will be glad to help out.

  7. oldturf

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    Go on line and go to google or another search engine and type "LLC online" and you will find several companies that you can get it done with and get a lot of info about LLC and/or corp.. You can have them do as little or as much as you wish, its fast, easy and I have had no problems with any of the times that I have used them. Good Luck.
  8. mikefromny

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    the lawyer is charging 75 dollars to do it .. the fee in new york to do the llc is $250 or something so add the 75 thats what its like 330 for it it still worth it?

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