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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TheArchitect, May 31, 2009.

  1. TheArchitect

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    aye, but if i found a fellow like that, wouldnt say 25% shares in the company entice him to say or some such thing.

    But I get your guys' points, Dont get me wrong maintenance is fun... But id like to run a company that we internally run "Everything" i.e we pour the concrete, frame the house, wire it, plumb it, drywall it, side it etc etc etc then once it is finished i will sell it with a maintenance addittion to for "X" amount of years. Or some such kind of deal...

    So I would think maintenance would need to stand on its own lol... but let me rethink. Im still wondering on goals to set for myself.
  2. PTP

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    This is a great thread.

    Architect, the thing that you desire to do most certainly can be done. The question is, can you do it and is it worth it?

    If you decide to do this, you will need to systematize. AZ Gardner's advice is gold. He knows how to do that.

    I had similar goals to you a few years ago. I wanted to take over the maintenance industry. I got hundreds of accounts the first year and was charging a fair price. I know how to get accounts and I know how to service them. I know how to do the billing and I know what equipment works and what does not work. The recurring problem that I am running into though is with employees. Good ones are hard to find.

    Now, can this problem be overcome? Certainly. I can overcome it too, however, I have chosen not to. The reason for that is because I was able to sit down and figure out that mowing is not going to get me to my goals. It will make me a lot of money but, to me, the cost is not worth it. My goals are to have a high income - enough to live comfortably on and enough to give a lot away - and to have very flexible hours. I want a schedule that is so flexible that I can decide to leave the country for a few months and then come back and pick up where I left off. I want to do that any time I want to. Mowing will not get me to that goal.

    So, for me, I have one helper and I pay him very well. I take the money that I am making and am using it for other investments. This will more likely get me to my goals.

    So, your idea is good and it is workable. Can you do it? Is it worth the cost? Is this the best way to get to your goals?
  3. kingtut

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    hi this is shawn again.still ready for any advise or input you might be willing to offer.please post me.
  4. TheArchitect

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    PTP, thanks man.

    im going to chew on all this for a while, I have buddies in areas like where i want to go. Im going to go back to the drawing board, find out how much dollars a month i need to live the lifestyle i want. That really does make more sense.
  5. kingtut

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    hey guys,
    not under standing how this site works.i have been posting for a couple weeks,an no one posts me back.what gives.can someone please acknowledge me.thanx for your help.
  6. coolluv

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    First off I think everyone thought you were just introducing yourself. Second use the search feature and read, read, read. Then if you have any questions just start a new thread in the proper category and ask away.

    Welcome brother.:drinkup:

  7. lifetree

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    This is the real crux of the issue, not the fact that you make money ... it's that they ge real satisfaction from the work when it is completed !! Architect ... since that's the real issue here, maybe you might want to consider another line of work ... just a suggestion.
  8. kingtut

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    thanx brother.i was really confused.thax for your help.
  9. kingtut

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    :confused:hi im stuck just doing maintenance right now.does any one know on average what a full on landscapers license costs.i mean so i can do everything related to the also how hard is the exam.any help would be appreciated.thanx.
  10. TheArchitect

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    I dont mind mowing etc for a little while, I like making new landscapes well maybe not making, but i love looking at the finished product and being able to say i helped with it.

    But I want to have the freedom to not have to work the company, like if I decide down the road I want to run a bar :p I want to be able to leave the landscape company on auto-pilot while I do that.

    Im probably not adequately conveying what I mean, but in a gist im saying I have alot of interests and I would like to dabble in them and not be tied down to just one.

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