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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Mailing invoices is a waste of time. Everything is digital
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    Those table top folders are not cheap. You have to be doing a lot of hand folding to make one of those folders worth the money spent to buy one.

    Thing about emailing invoices is that I would never pay my bills. I rarely check my emails. Mainly because I never receive any. And it is even rarer for me to send one.

    Though volume may make me move that way.
  3. Roger

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    I see several suggestions to move to e-invoices. I am a small operator ( about 45 invoices per month), and had been using mail, until a couple of years ago. I made an aggressive move to get people willing to accept e-invoices, attempting to eliminate the time and expense associated with USPS.

    I now regret this move. While we get junk mail in the mailbox at the curb, we typically get more junk mail in our IN box from e-mail. I have had so many more "lost" invoices since moving to e-invoices. This means follow up, "Not gotten paid, did you get my invoice." or "I have not gotten an invoice from you this month." The response is nearly all the same, "I get so much in my IN box, it must have gotten lost."

    Another problem is that some folks double up on their e-mail address, using their business address for personal e-mail as well. These IN boxes are full of business related items, and my invoice easily gets lost in the urgency of handling business matters. They do not have a personal e-mail address. Or, if they do, they rarely check the IN box.

    The invoices I still send via USPS, or ones that I hand deliver on the last visit of the month, never "get lost."

    I sure like the quick and easy e-invoice technique out of QuickBooks, but the problems surface later. Any time saved in preparation is more than spent later trying to get the issues sorted through.

    I would like to return to the former ways of invoicing, and skip the e-invoice routine. Digital exchange of commerce is a way of life in many circles. But, it has a way to go for private, residential customers. There is an interesting observation here. The ones for which e-invoices works best are the 70-80 year old widows. The place where it works poorly is the millennials, who claim to thrive on digital content, "live and die" with their electronic gadgets.
  4. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    Sounds like you might need clients who are more responsible and don't make false claims that "the emailed invoice must have gotten lost"…that's a bunch of BS…you're being played.
  5. Roger

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    A.W. ... I would agree with you, except they are the ones asking "where is my invoice." These are the ones were formerly reliable payers with USPS, and have been customers for 12, 15, or more years.
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    ^^^^ hes right!
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    "Sounds like you might need clients who are more responsible and don't make false claims that "the emailed invoice must have gotten lost"…that's a bunch of BS…you're being played."

    AW as you grow you will see that some of your thoughts will be proven wrong. Billing for custom cabinetry is much more straight forward. People always pay quick for what they want( kitchens, bath rooms, pavers landscaping) slow for what is not as important to them.

    People misplace emails as well as regular mailed invoices. Spam blockers collect them all of a sudden after years with no problems. They come on a day when there are tons of other things in the mail box and get accidentally deleted.

    The wife will think the husband paid ,the husband will think the wife paid.

    When you send out thousands of invoices a year you will realize that all of your clients aren't as efficient as you are.

    You will receive checks in the mail for the electric or gas company. Or they missed signing it and you have to return it to them to sign.

    Your bank could upgrade there system and all your electronic payments could be misapplied( nothing like having all your deposits applied to another's account.)

    Or you could have a postal carrier that mysteriously fails to deliver your mail at times.(later to be found with thousands of pieces in their home from the entire route that they handled)

    Everything is not cut and dry.

    I have noticed the same with the older people and emailed invoices they are on it. If you are a day late they are calling because they think it's lost or you forgot. Most pay the second that it comes to them.
  8. SRT8

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    95% of our invoices are emailed and we never have issues, but we are in a different market. I can see how a residential client might over look the email. I rarely check my personal email, but i know what bills i have every month so i dont think i would forget.
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  9. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    That's strange.

    Try calling them and sending an emailed invoice while you are on the phone with them. It might be something as simple as them needing to go into their junk email folder and click the "this is not junk" button or adding your email address/contact info to their address book.
  10. DQL10

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    I email all my invoices except for I think two only because I know I will get the run around. Always get paid on time and just keep up with entering expenses on a daily basis. Like others have said, ipad with quickbooks is a great thing. You can enter the information on the go.

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