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Bed-creation question...


LawnSite Silver Member
Southern WI
I'm pretty ignorant on this stuff, so excuse me if this sounds like a really "stupid" question..

I understand you layout your design, and use bed edger to create the edge around the circumference of the bed..

How do you guys go about removing the sod that is inside the edge you've just created? Do you simply till it up, or use a sod cutter to remove it? Or some other means?


LawnSite Fanatic
zone 7 CA
I always remove any sod as completely as I can when building a new planting bed. It is not that hard to dig it out or cut just underneath the grass roots with a sharp flat shovel and lift it up. They also have sod cutters you can rent.
The reason I always do this is to insure good drainage. I also add soil and compost and dig it into the existing soil so there is no interface problems between the new and the old soil.
Do not till it up.

Dreams To Designs

LawnSite Bronze Member
Remove the sod with a sod cutter, sod lifter or flat shovels, depending on the size of the proposed bed. At that point you may want to add organic matter and till or mix in as you plant. Save the nonselective herbicides for lawn renovations.



LawnSite Senior Member
I agree, if its a relatively small area, we usually just spray with round up about 5 days before hand, after an initial bed edge for layout, then just add soil and/or compost. But if its a pretty decent size area then the sod cutter is the better way to go. Chipping by hand with a spade sucks, avoid it if you can.