Bed Cultivating & Edging Bid?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by snow4me, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I'm bidding on a job for a guy that has 2,800s.f. of beds with 950 linear feet of edging requirement. I have a Brown mechanical bed edger and will locate lines through JULIE the utility locator here in Illinois. I have read all the threads debating whether or not to mechanical edge or with spade by hand. I'm not getting into that debate...

    My customer knows that I am going to be careful and only edge to 3" depth. He is also asking for spring clean-up and weekly lawn care bids so I am tempted to offer the edging at 1/2 my normal rate if he agrees to accept my entire bid. Normally I charge $.80 per linear foot so I would be charging only $380 for the edging.

    Now the cultivating is going to have to be done by hand and there is already a significant amount of weeds growth in most of the beds. He doesn't want mulch but wants to us to cultivate and remove weeds. The total bed area is 2,800s.f.

    Does anyone have suggestions on tools, techniques and how many square feet per hour and average laborer will cultivate?

    My question is what do you guys charge for bed cultivating
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    Cultivating beds can be done with a mantis... quackgrass will cost a lot of money and may be a deal breaker altogether...

    will you want to weed whip and till up or will you be pulling weeds by hand an tossing them out? what is in the beds? shrubs? perennials?

    There are a lot of variables in any given garden and I would require that I maintain it throughout the Summer rather than do a 'perfect' job in one event...

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