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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Patriots, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Hey y'all - I am looking into picking up a late 90's 1 ton dually, cutting off the bed and slapping a landscape flat bed on the back. Talked to a ford salesman and he said it would be a huge mistake to purchase anything but a cab and chassis - I guess there is a difference in the frames (according to him).

    Has anyone cut the bed off of a 1 ton - and with what results.

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    The only reason you would need to cut, is if the bolts are rusted. Otherwise just unbolt, unplug tail light connector and disconnect fuel filler will come right off. The only frame difference between cab and chassis and bed with flared fenders is the length. That's not to say cab and chassis can't be standard wheelbase, in fact most were/are sold in std wheelbase. Have you got a landscaper body eyeballed for this project yet?
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    Apples to apples, they should be exactly the same. When buying a NEW truck you are gonna put a bed on there is no sence in paying for a bed you don't need, that's why they sell them that way. The other options are the longer wheel base versions. Basically all they are is a standard cab on a frame that was designed for a 4 door cab long bed truck. Gives you 2 to 4 feet longer frame in back and puts the rear wheels further back. Allows you to use a 12 foot bed! Anything longer than that and it would have to be custom built, cut and lengthened frame, driveshaft, ect.

    I looked for a long wheel base truck used. They are hard to come by! And the few I found had been ridden hard and put away wet. I told myself that my "next truck" was going to be a long wheel base with a 12 foot bed... I guess now the NEXT one will.
  4. Patriots

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    Moze - been looking around, may end up having one custom built.

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