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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Lawn Pawn, May 30, 2010.

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    Take this review for what you will.....

    Just a solo operation, but too old and arthritic not to have the proper tools to do a job. Did my homework on the computer best I could, and called up dozens of dealers. Never even seen one run in person so I went into this cold.

    Got a Husgvarna BE550 with only a couple hours on it from a dealer. Actually looked new. Got less than three minutes instructions from the dealer, he had never used one himself anyway... so went home and read the manual before ever firing it up.

    Over-all appearance of the machine is great! Very simplistic and basic design... paint is perfect.... welds are excellent.... controls are well placed VERY intuitive.


    The assembly of this machine was abominable. Homer Simpson's helper monkeys could have done better.

    The engine sat cocked in the frame more than a quarter inch off front to back.... Stevie Wonder could have seen it.

    The drive chain hung on the sprockets like a limp dick.... had never been oiled like the DECAL right there says.

    Kill lever on the handle bar had to be held with a death grip or it would stop running.

    Detent for the steering lock would not stay indexed.... just filed a small grove to make it work like a champ.

    Could not steer it properly because a bolt was in backwards..... rubbed on the rim preventing it turning one way..... and the tire rotating!

    Cotter pins much longer than required, and not even bent over as to keep you from slicing finger when you washed it.

    Control cables routed as to binding and being just plain fu**ng stupid. Spent about and hour alone modifying the one to disengage the front wheel lock to raise and lower the cutting wheel.

    Is this enough for you? These are some of the QC issues.

    Having said all of this..... I really love the machine! It is joy to run and operate now that all this has been fixed. It is a compact, sturdy rock solid little machine. I have the edger blade and the paver blade. Both work better than I had hoped for.

    First 20 feet of using it jammed a nine inch long inch and a half diameter rusty steel bolt and nut in the housing. Clutch started squealing, made a heck of a racket, never hurt a thing!

    Want a good machine? Check these out if you have good dealer without his head up his backside.
  2. pitrack

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    Haha comical review, got any pics of the work?
  3. Lawn Pawn

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    Not really any photos......

    As I said the machine trenches beautifully, at least in my opinion.
    Good clean lines...
    Windrows material to the inside making it easy to distribute or pick-up and remove....
    Good balance and very easy to keep straight and true, even in a fairly tight radius.....
    The Honda engine purrs like a Tom Cat in a creamery....

    This unit just seems so much more compact than the other name brand machines of proven worthiness. Also has an optional cable trenching blade and attachments. For me it has exceeded expectations.

    It was just very disheartening that a machine with a label and a made in USA address had such damnable issues with assembly and prep.
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    That was a good laugh!
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    The edger is a bit pricey new, hope you got a good deal on it. Have you come up with any kind of formula to figure what you intend to charge per foot? I usually rent a unit every year to do the jobs I do but it's getting to the point where it's usually broken or in such bad shape that I would be better off buying one, or doing it by hand.
  6. HighGrass

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  7. Lawn Pawn

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    Did not get a good deal... got a fair deal...

    Pricing for services?

    I now give a per job, as opposed to by the hour.
    Customer can do any amount of work they want themselves to complete projects.... after I leave.
    They can purchase their own material.. junk if they want.
    I will get them good product if they like, at my cost no mark up for anything. They can pay the supplier direct many times.

    Just need to know your comfort level for profit, and how much you need to make.

    No more hand-holding and baby-sitting for the Cheap Charlies. I do a darn good job for a reasonable charge.... if..... the customer lets me.

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