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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Roger, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Roger-The Sidewinder edger is awesome!! Here in Morgantown, it rents out from MPE for $ 130.00 per day or $ 75.00 for 2 hours. We used one last fall on a yard we had trouble with edging existing beds previously. The Sidewinder opened up about 450' of new beds in about 15-20 minutes. Very accurate and plenty of power. It rips through clay and rock like nobody's business. I like it more than our old Brown, for sure. I was given a price of around $ 4200.00 to buy it, but passed. I was waiting for the new Sidewinder Powerrake for this spring.
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    impact ... Good report! Do you have any tips on using this machine? What cutter head did you use, the notched disk blade or the tines? From your experience, it sounds like I only need it for 2 hours to get about 500 feet of edging finished.

    Thanks for the input -- now, I just need to land the job!
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    Roger-For opening beds, you need the bed opener blade installed, not the disc. The disc is for reshaping existing beds. The machine is very maneuverable, but the one little thing I found flawed was the weight distribution of the cutting side of the unit. The cuter head and opening blade is a little top heavy on inclines that the machine will point downhill to. On flat ground, no problem whatsoever. On a slight slope/incline, take a little more time, and you'll be OK. Good luck..


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