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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by thedrake, May 23, 2010.

  1. thedrake

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    ive been searching for a thread that compairs the blue bird bed bug and the brown but no luck. any opinions on the 2, i guess one pulls and one pushes? the bed bug depth is 4" the brown up to 8"? if you were to spend that much money which one would you buy, how much would you charge since you wouldnt be charging an hourly rate anymore? in 12 years of being in this industry i havent seen a single company here locally that has had one.
  2. Ramairfreak98ss

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    yep, no one has them. Im stil stumped why the big big landscape firms still use 30 man crews with shovels to edge :hammerhead:

    I can have ONE man run circles around 15 guys with shovels, easy, especially longer beds.

    We have a little wonder bedshaper with the mulcher blade kit added on and weights. Its the 13hp version and once your used to it a bit, kicks butt.

    I know you can charge something like $.50-2 a foot depending on how much your doing.

    Cant charge $2 a foot then do 1000ft worth but you get the idea. Also depends how bad the edge is, redefining is easy and fast, if its far overgrown, your gonna have strips left to pickup with a pitchfork or a lot of labor cleaning up afterwards or both so charge accordingly.

    I think the machine was around $3400~ in 2007 spring, weve only put maybe 40hrs on it though in the past few years because you can edge residentials no matter how big in 5-10 minutes and commercial places, even banks and all with 300-500ft of edges or more in about a half hour or less, and thats running at 3/4 throttle or so.
  3. threeleafllc

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    we have a brown bed edger.I never see any other guys use them,but i do get alot of guys ask to rent ours. We have ours set on the lowest setting possible and its not 8" like they say.It might be 6". The mulch crew seems to really like it and they also like the echo bed edger.
    The only real pain when using the browm is when your trying to edge on a hill or slope, it likes to slide on the smallest of hills..other then that it is deff a money maker.. Going rate around here is like .30 to .40 depending how bad the bed is..
  4. bigjoedo

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    Just tried out the Echo Bed redefiner and this thing really works well!! Ground must be fairly dry and sometimes it take a couple of passes. It is not for cutting new beds, but with a little Patience is powerful enough to get the job done. I make one pass going forward to tear up the ground then one backward that cleans the edge a piles the dirt in the bed. If the ground is real wet it clogs the unit. But, waiting just 4 days after several heavy rains this thing kicks butt. :)
  5. Hoy landscaping

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    im buying a brown bed edger soon. looking for a good craigslist find! but today i was working side by side with another crew, using shovels. 3 guys using shovels v. me with my edger. i did 2 res. properties in a half hour while they were half way done there 1 property.

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