bed edger turfco ? ez trench :(

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by turf&snow98, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. turf&snow98

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    I have a bedscaper by ez trench and hate it !!! Its great for making a new beds, which i rarely do, but it launches rocks at my shins, busts things up, and makes a mess in general. I was looking at the turfco edge-r-rite, seems simple, its similar to a sod cutter, any body ever use one of these ????? I don't mind picking up the cut peices of sod edging.
  2. PerfectEarth

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    If you're looking to re-edge beds on your properties, I just bought the Echo BRD-280 and it has saved me HOURS of labor in the past two weeks. Works best with an old edge already there and dry conditions.

    Properties that have taken me 3, 4 hours to spade-edge are ready for mulch in 15 minutes with this thing. look it up if you're wondering what it looks like- kinda like a stick edger but with a carbide tipped claw thing spinning on the end. a great tool, costly tho.....650ish
  3. Lawnut101

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    I would get a Brown Bed Edger. They are nice.
  4. Cutter1

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    i have two turfco's, I love them. Cut down on time and cleanup is easy. Comes up like one big snake. I get calls all the time for just edging after people see mine at work.
  5. ROC lawn and landscapes

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    Brown is definetly the way to go... plenty of power to saw right throught roots and most of the time the soil you just edged is awesome to work with unless it is really wet!
  6. Turf Teq

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  7. jlouki01

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    I have one Turfco and one Brown. The Turfco is an ok bed edger. Lots of work to push it around though. The drive setup on it is garbage. The plastic wheel is about the most worthless bit of weight I have ever seen. It might last one job and still not really do anything. That being said the brown is heavy and destroys anything in it's path. ( which can be a great thing ).

    Brown has a new Redefiner that is pretty cool.

    Can't go wrong with the brown at all. Turfco... I would not have paid retail for it. Scored mine with about 6 hours on it for 175.00 from a rental shop that hated them.
  8. Drew Gemma

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    where do I find the bed edger that grinds up the material and shoots it towards the grass side. Their was a video with it going on to a tarp.

    I have bedshaper eztrench its great durable and powerfull. But it is heavy, clunky, and cleaning up all that dirt is cumbersome.
  9. WGrnd21

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    ez trench is the way to go. Much better for new installs though.
  10. PTSolutions

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    after many times of using the brown edger, blue bird bed bug, and any other crap pull behind edger, ive sworn against them and am saving up for a turf teq self propelled unit. although i prefer the bedbug to the brown, much easier to handle.

    you have the option of using the grooming blade that leaves ribbons of sod or the pulverizer that grinds up material like the brown/bluebird units.

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