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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kppurn, May 14, 2006.

  1. kppurn

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    We've had rain off and on for the past three days with more possible today. I have some beds to edge and was wondering how well bed edgers work when the ground is wet? I have always used a spade to edge beds, but with 750 feet to edge I will rent an edger.

    We are behind due to the rain and will be finishing up Fridays mowing route tomorrow. I want to edge these beds tomorrow as well, since I was hoping to get it done last week. Utilities have already been marked too.

    Also, what's the learning curve with bed edgers? I don't know what kind the rental shop here has.

  2. qps

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    forget with a bed edger, I live in Indy and all it does is make a mess...either wait until it drys or break out the shovel
  3. paolaken

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    i second that. i have a bed edger and love it. best machine i ever bought for saving time. but when its muddy out it doesn't work worth a s**t. makes a big mess. but after a 2 day dry out it works the best, the soil is just right.
  4. topsites

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    Agreed, muddy soil gets into some mech portions of the edger to such extent the blade stops completely... So then you get a flat head screwdriver and clean out the gunk and you get going again, not a minute later you're cleaning out mud from the mechanism, very frustrating.
  5. lawnkid

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    We were working the other day edging some beds when a steady rainshower started and we continued to edge. Beds came out mint. Some areas got a little clumpy but the next day we came back for another neighbor and before we started on the neighbors we hit those areas with the Mantis tiller in 10 minutes and it looked good. I'll try to post some pics if /i get a chance.

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