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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by fbplyr321, Feb 21, 2009.

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    I've been looking around for a bed edger for the 09 season. I would love to get a brown or little wonder bed shaper. However i do not have the money at this time. I was looking at a McLane 3.5 hp edger or a craftsman 158cc edger to just cut the bed then i could go back and clean it out. I was wondering if anybody new if either could cut through some small roots (.5"-2") or not. This is just to get me through a season or two of edging then i plan to invest in a good bed shaper. Thanks
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    I wouldn't recommend purchasing a "homeowner" model for commercial use. Chances are it will break and you will need to repair it anyway. Not to mention (I don't think) the horsepower/torque on the homeowner models would be anywhere near the professional ones.

    Have you thought about renting? If you are going to spend a few hundred bucks on a homeowner model can you instead apply those costs to a loan? Not sure what your situation is, but we used to rent bed shapers. We spent over $1,000 in rental fees last year along. Needless to say we will be purchasing one next month. Its going to pay for itself in the first 2 years no problem.
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    Most of my properties already have existing edges, but to clean them up I use my Stihl trimmer with the yard boss cultivator on the end. I just remove one side of the tines and clean the edges that way. After I started doing this, I don't think I'll ever buy a bed edger.

    it also works great only leaving one tine on and cutting a groove for steel edging.

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    I bought Trenchblades for my Redmax edger and they're great. They're very inexpensive and work great. Look into them.

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