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    If you want to stay on the lower price scale, I would try using a tiller attachment that goes on the weed eater. Either Stihl or Echo. It.s wider than the bed redefiner so you won't have to make as many passes. I used my mantis tiller which is a small footprint to edge beds and it worked good.
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    Seams like the general consensus is the “pulverizer” style edger isn’t all that good unless conditions are just right regardless of wether you use the weed wacker powered on like an echo or Stihl or the walk behind like the brown....wonder how the little wonder style edged with the frisbee looking thing performs...
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    If the ground is wet no matter what you use unless it is a shovel will have the same clumping results. If it is dry anything works. The little wonder was the worse one I have ever used. The best pull one for me was the blue bird version. It was the lightest and easiest to move. If you are a one man show the pull behind is a pain unless you have a low ramp trailer. You just have to try and see what works the best. The stihl works for us because we understand how to use it. I rent a pull behind for one place as it has 50 beds. If it rains the night before we wait till it dries.
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    I have used the Echo BRD and a Brown edger extensively on baseball diamonds and regular residential garden edges. The Brown is unbeatable on baseball infields (600 feet of edges per diamond). I prefer the Echo on residential beds.

    The Echo sucks on muddy soil. And it isn't great for cutting new beds. But 90% of the time, we would be maintaining existing edges for mulching, and that is where the Echo shines. You can clean up hundreds of feet of old edge in minutes. We usually follow up with a half-moon edger to clean the pulverized remains out of the trench. We just fling the grindings into the bed, rake it flat, then mulch over.

    The Brown I have is not steerable, so it is a wrestling match at times. No big deal on long runs like a baseball diamond, but impossible for small tree rings. But the Brown can grind through anything. New bed cuts are fast. But save it for long, relatively straight runs. I don't do the fields anymore, so it is for sale...
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    Just remember the stihl and echo are for beds that have some type of edge already. We keep our spades sharp all the time and it makes things go faster if you need to make new beds.

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