Bed Edgers, Turfco, why so much money?


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Are these how you guys keep the really sharp pretty edges around the flower beds? seems to me it would knock all the stuff into the mulch and make a pain to clean up. I have been looking into these things and i seem to like the bigger one by the other company better, forget the name now, brown something I beleive. I would hate to see the price on the since it has more functionality and 6 more hp then the turfco at 1000.00. ANyone know of any sites for these tools? Are they worth the investment?



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Hey they are high... and rightfully so.. there also heavy i think there sold by the pound. I have a trench master with the bed edger attc. and it works very good roots,rocks,
whatever that honda engine just can't be stopped .after the bed is cut in . just maintain edge with your string trimmer your your stick edger, i'll re dress with the machine if need be ,just pull back your mulch cover it with a tarp and recut. you could pick up some extra income with one ,,,,burrying cable lines to resis home for tv,cable modem,sprinklers small jobs of course,i used to make my bed edges with a tiller ,spade shocel and a pick this machine cuts many manys hours off your labor it will pay for itsself.,,, your local rental shops i brought mine there for $600. i think they run about $1600. new

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The Browning machines Trench Master/Edger with either the 8 or 9 HP Honda engine was listed at about $2,100. I want the deal Bushmaster got!