Bed edgers?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by nobagger, Sep 18, 2005.

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    I have used the Brown Bed edger and the Bedscaper by ez trench. The Bedsaper was more manueverable while using, having a tighter turning radius. I couldn't do some tree rings with the Brown. The Bedscaper takes a little time to learn how to steer it from job to job and keep it balanced. They both left a nice edge.
  2. Gilla Gorilla

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    If you are looking for other blades for the Brown Unit try looking at I am pretty sure they sell different blades.
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    And when he says rocky he dont mean pebbles either, LOL ,. Any way i did not run the machine but , It wizzed right thru the ground we was on , With the now and then Rock, Manhole cover, Phone line OPPS :help: 1.5 inches under the grass lol.
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    yeah, like these guys said, the Brown is worth a crap alright. Incredible timesaver. I can't believe I edged by hand before :dizzy:

    Gilla - it's nice to know that the machine will trench. I was wondering how well that worked. did you know you can actually get a stump grinding bit?!?!

    Is there a re-edging blade for the machine too? Might be helpful for dressing up existing edges each spring.

    Yes, self-propelled would be nice, but comparing the brown to a self propelled model, I had $2000 to spend on something else.

    Also, the eztrench is very similar to the brown, but a little more manueverable due to the positioning of the wheels. Harder to move around though (balance) as someone else said.
  6. Gilla Gorilla

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    Yes it would be nice to have a self propelled unit. I bought my Brown for $1995 plus 5% tax so I think I got a great deal last year.

    I had to re do the beds at my parents house ealier this summer, all 450 feet of them. Took less then 15 minutes but the ground was very dry. Last year by hand it took at least 4 hours for my self to do. Man that thing is a time saver.

    Mark I did know about the stump grinder bit but have not had a need for it. I did get the drain tile bit last year and that was a real life saver but I got the one that only goes down about 4 or 5 inches so I still have to use a Mattox to get a couple inches deeper. If any one gets the drain tile bit you need to get the one that goes down 6 inches to avoid having to dig the other couple inches by hand.
  7. turfcobob

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    Check out the Turfco Edge r Rite at cuts like a sod cutter back and forth so the dirt does not get tossed up into the bed. YOu just pick it up. I have one and all 5 blades...I can edge a bed, install edging, do a curb cut and install tree rings..Costs around 1400 and it goes forward so you can trim realy close edges if you want to..Nearly replaces shovels..
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    Yes theres a re edging bit $130 trenching bit $199 time & labor saved priceless

    BTW-- payed $850 for my Brown from an aspiring lco that went belly up in less than a season. I love the guys that don't know there cost but know everything else:D
  9. GreenMonster

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    You old dog. You've been around so long you know everything as well as your costs and everyone elses. Of course, you're so damn old, you can't have but another season in you. Give me a call and I'll take that Brown off your hands for $250 :)
  10. YardPro

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    we have a brown and love it....

    machine price is about $2400.
    blades are about $100.00 for either the trenching blage ( we use the 2X7 inch blade. and the 5 inch edger blade...... the 5 inch blade is overkill, so i wish i would have gone with the 4" like we had...

    also we use the machine for irrigation all the time. We have NO ground freeze here so the 7" deep trench is fine for installs..Awesome machine... would never dream of not having one.

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