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Bed edgers


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Central Jersey
EZ Trencher bed edger. love it. paid about 2300 for it new...think it was a demo unit or something. believe they are 26 or so new. we love ours.

used to rent one from the local rental yard...something like 180 for 24hrs, 160 for 8 and hourly was around 30 per hour. It was getting to be a pain to rent cause of the amount of jobs we did that called for it. What really made me purchase was that my rentals the year before I purchased was somewhere in the range of 1800 bucks. IF I calculated windshield time to pick/drop off and fuel and the like it basically paid for itself in one year. I can now just keep it in the trailer/truck and use at my leisure. I no longer have to line 3-4 up and then run around a day or two before the jobs to get done to edge.

Kennedy Landscaping

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El Dorado Kansas
I just use a garbage picked Edger...Weedeater brand. It works for the occasional use I give it.