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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by a&jlandscaping, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. a&jlandscaping

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    I am looking at getting a new bed edger but not sure what one is the best. I was looking at the bed edger made by brown products, Inc. Let me know what you guys think thanks.
  2. PTSolutions

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    ive used the brown pull type before and if you are doing long periods of edging, its a pain in the arse.

    ive used a bluebird bed bug which was easier to use than the brown but still a pain b/c you have to pull it.

    and ive used a turf teq tractor with bed edger attachment. prolly the best one b/c its self propelled and you walk behind it going forward. the only thing is that if your cutting a deep edge it gets hard to turn the machine. and its big bucks

    id rent a couple different models for your diff projects and when you decide you like one then thats the model you should go with.
  3. MJM landscaping

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    I have a bown edger and I agree its heavy. Also when making curves it tends to spill dirt and chopped up grass on to the grass edge. Pricey units too. Gonna pick up a walker this spring and gonna add the edger to that. It will be good for large jobs but gonna keep the brown to do areas the walker wont fit.
  4. scagrider22

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    I have a Brown and dont care for it I want to get a Bed Shaper the Brown is kind of a pain to operate it does not make a clean edge doesnt do well around tree rings unless they are very large if the soil conditions are not perfect it can sometimes make a mess and i dont like pulling it backward it makes it harder to make a strait line. But it has been very reliable with zero issue's, it even fell out of one of our dumps at 50 mph and only had to replace the gas tank.

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