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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Yardman124, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Yardman124

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    Looking to buy a bed edger any ideas ? Are they worth the money ? We have an apt. complex and we are trying to maintain good looking beds ! :confused:
  2. heather

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    We use the Brown bed edger to establish new bed lines at the time of a remulch. Then we maintain the edge with the trimmer. We couldn't live without the Brown bed edger. Basic unit with edge blade ran about $1100.
  3. troblandscape

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    I found using bed edgers are a good machine to use for making new edges or edges that havent been maintained for a while. After you use it once, you can maintain the edge with a trimmer. When you go to mulch again just use a spade to tighten the edge up again with little effort.
    Therefore I would recomend renting for a few days a year for around 80$ a day. I heard the Brown machine I rent is 2800$ Brand new.
    But if your going to buy Brown is the best I've used so far
    Good Luck;)
  4. bob

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    Are you sure? I paid $2200 for mine on sale. I know Capt Devo has some good prices, but 1/2 of what I paid seams too low.
  5. troblandscape

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    If anyone knows where I can get a brown edger for 1100$ let me know.
  6. PaulJ

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    I've used the brown and it makes a really nice sharp edge. the dirt thats takes out is ground up nice and can be just raked bsk into the bed or packed back in behind edging.
    If you don't want to get dirt in the bed, if there is rock or fresh mulch there already thn you could look at the turfco edger.
    I have used this also and it works well. It is acualy more versital because you can get different shaped blade. V or U or L or H or a round blade. to edge walks. the draw back is you have to pull the dirt or sod out and dispose of it.
    Speed = brown
    Versitility = turfco
    There is also Bedshaper edjer that uses a fluted disk blade to dut the edge, but i've only seen it in a video.
  7. ipm

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  8. heygrassman

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    $1100... where...
  9. Ferdelance

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    The $1100.00 Brown bededger is the fixed wheel model. The $2200.00 Brown bededger is the steerable wheeled edgerl. The steerable wheeled edger is the one you want to use. :)
  10. KirbysLawn

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    HE said BASIC model. The Brown is the way to go, get the steerable one, makes life easy!

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