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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by quickcutt, Feb 3, 2001.

  1. quickcutt

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    I was wondering if anyone out there uses turfco edgers for bed shaping. I wanted to know if they work well in shapin new beds,along with established beds.I have some beds that just need cleaned up alittle,and new ones to put in.The price seems right.Any opinion will be helpful.
  2. 1st impressions

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    I asked this question a couple of weeks ago but only
    received one response. The concept seems good and they
    have a return policy but BEWARE! It costs about $85
    to ship and if you do not like it, it will cost you another
    $85 to ship it back. A very expensive demo if you do not like it.
  3. Ocutter

    Ocutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    These do work very well. However there are some things to remember. I have another type of edger that must be pulled backwards to edge so Im not sure about your model. Anyway always markout irrigation heads prior to edging or else keep some extras handy when you bust one. Also edgers tend to find lowvolt wires too so ask the customer if there are any. To save on labor I usually spray round up on the turf prior to edging. No hauling to do helps me alot. They are a godsend.
  4. nlminc

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    It's the only way to go. If I die and go to heaven my bed edger is coming with me! What they save you in labor and hauling (your back) is well worth the cost. I do not have the one you are looking at, I have the one made by Brown mfg. Probrobly the same.


    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have one by trench master and just love i didnt relize how much i needed one umtil i brought it ....does well on sprinklers also.
  6. bob

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  7. lakegastonla

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    The Turfco bed edger is a piece of CRAP! I rented one last summer with intentions of buying it, but I hated it. The brown mfg., the bed edger, and the trenchmaster are a lot nicer! They all have a rotating blade with teeth like sharp fingers on it. The turfco uses a single blade with a back and forth knife action A LOT of vibration, hard to steer, and not a neat edge!
  8. jrblawncare

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    Here is another vote for Brown bed edgers...what a great tool!!I rented one 2 times last spring and had to have my own.I use it to install black commercial edging,it use to take about 1 install 20 ft by hand plus kill your back,now I can install 20 ft. in 20 min.and yes,it does find low volt wires,so make sure you know what is under the turf.
  9. JVS

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    I have a bed trencher. Great for saving time and professional look for INITIAL bed edging in the spring or establishing a new bed. To redefine every week or so we spade.
  10. captdevo

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    Go with a Brown, you won't be sorry. I use it for everything, beds, paver installs, lighting installs, even trenching for gutter drains.
    Nice machine, simple to use.

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