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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by We do 4 U, Mar 18, 2003.

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    I know that the brown bed edger is the best there is. The only problem for me is the cost. I am a part timer and don't do much edging. I don't want to rent one because in order to make it cost effective, I would have to do all my lawns in one day and come back days to weeks later to install the mulch. So my questions. How much and how well do the little wonder mantis bed edgers work and what are my other options, I like the "check mark" edge and was wonder how y'all do it with a shovel because it takes me a long time to get it right with a shovel.

    Thanks in advance.
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    We use 2 people when we edge a bed. The first one goes around with a flat spade and digs a straight edge around the shrub beds and another behind him with a flat blade shovel skimming the grass up at an angle so you just leave a skinny shallow ditch.
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    So which guy gets the higher salary??

    The mantis works good for us if we're re-defining existing bed edges. Remove the one set of blades & replace w/ the edger wheel. Run first pass w/ the machine vertically, tehn make second pass w/ machine tilted on angle so it throws the loose spoils into the bed. THen depending on how much material is trenched (and how much moisture content you have), you can either blow the debris into the bed w/ the 7000 Redmax, or use a spade & sling the material back into the bed and blend it in.
    All & all I'm happy with this decision. Also, the Mantis is much more forgiving on irrigation heads, pipe and even on invisible fence sometimes.

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