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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SONSCAPES, Sep 18, 2004.


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    I'm bidding on 3 clients in the same neighborhood who want their beds edged. i will be renting a bed edger for $60 a day and the combined amount of feet to be edged is 3,373. my friend from s.c. who is in the biz says he charges .35/ft i just want somemore opinions on bidding this one.thanks in advance.
  2. Geoffrey

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    I don't know a per square foot price. I've mostly charged by the job. But post some pics if you can I'd love to see some before and afters. If you can get them all done in a day .35 times 3373 sq ft equals $1180.55 not a bad days gross.

  3. Rwise10230

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    The going rate here is $1.00 per that amount of linear footage, I'd go $.75/foot
  4. o-so-n-so

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    If you have never done this before, keep in mind that there is still some work after you finish edging. You will have the spoils piled up that will need worked in and topdressed.

    3400 feet......will take longer than you think. (completed job)
  5. Itsgottobegreen

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    I do $.50 per foot at a min. Most do some where $.50 to $.75 around here. I don't own a bed edger, but my buddy does. So I can use it when ever I want.
  6. fcl01

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    thats a pretty good amount of edging. Are you just grooming existing edges or opening new ones. if you're opening new ones, theres alot of ceanup involved, if youre just grooming you can sometimes get away with just a little raking of the mulch to cover the dirt. thats probably one of the biggest variables in determining your price

    SONSCAPES LawnSite Member
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    2 of the three lawns are existing edges that need grooming the other needs a nice defined edge.
  8. naturescaretaker

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    We get $1.75 per foot with a $55 minimum. We did have an EZ Trencher but wore that out last year. We now have TrenchMaster and like it better.

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