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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by poghead, Jul 18, 2001.

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    Look guys, one of my maintenance customers likes the look of the bed edging using an easy trencher. Her neighbor has these edges around her beds and shes got to have them. Its $60 a day to rent the easy trencher. I have no idea. I'm wondering what a fair price is to charge her per foot, or by the job. I figure it will take me 6 to 8 hours to trench it and then clean the trenches out by hand. I personally like the look of it myself, but don't have any experience. Wondering how many of you use this particular piece of equipment. They also make another one called the bed edger. Thank you in advance. As always your advice is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Due to all of your input here at Lawnsite I've gone from 3 regular residential customers at the beginning of this season to 18 residential accounts and 2 commercial accounts. I owe a great deal of it to you. Thanks for all your advice.
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    The trencher works really fast. Maybe 20ft per minute. That's a lot of edging if its gonna take you 6-8 hrs. Also, simply use your backpack blower to blow the debris either onto the lawn or into the bed.
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    After demo'ing a Bed Edger, we purchased one a few weeks ago. With the 8hp Honda, they're hard to beat. I cut in about 300' of 'shovel-edge' edging in very hard clay in about 30 minutes.

    It also works great when you are sodding next to a seeded lawn - after prepping the soil, I use the bed edger along the lot line, and just rake most of the fluffy soil back into the trench - then I have a nice lip for the sod to butt up to.
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    You are gonna be able to cut alot of edges in that amount of time! You should be able to do 20-30 feet a minute unless you are in really hard soil. The debris is not a problem. Just do your mulching after the edging. We get $40/hour for ours. Just estimate how long it will take and charge accordingly. Once a year is all that is needed to keep a clean edge around beds.

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