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    Hey everyone. I'm bidding a job right now that has a ton of bed edging. I've done edging with an edging tool before, but never with a machine. My plan is to rent one and use it on this job and maybe a couple others.

    Couple questions:
    How do they do for making circles around trees?
    How fast are they?, Linear feet/hour?
    Is there much of a learning curve in operating one?

    All of the edging has been done once already, but they want it touched up. I've seen people on here talking about charging .75 - $1.00 / ft for edging so I was going to go with that and see how that works out per hour for me.

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    We have a Brown manufacturing bed edger and its nice for new edges and some exsisting edges. Trees are easy, after a few youll have it down. Around here you can rent one for 70 a day. I picked up mine off of E bay and have never regreted it. For high detaill jobs we run through with the bed edger then go back through with a spade to get it a little deeper. Per ft works for some people but whenever I look at a job its all about time. If its going to take you 2 hrs to edge it and 2 hours to clean it up and an hr to pick up and drop off the machine what would you charge? 40, 50, 60 per man hour?Then pad it some for the rental or try to tie a few jobs togather.

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    How long would you say a circle around a tree would take. The average circle is about 13 ft circ. There are roughly 100 trees like this and about 30 or so beds.

    Like I said before, I've done some manual edging, but nothing of this size.

    All in all the mulch required in the beds is 27.5 measured yards, so the bid will probably be calculated at about 30.

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    You could do it in a day with ease. With the one we have you just pick up on the back of it and walk in a circle backwards. After a while you will get the hang of it and connect the lines every time,but the first few you will probably have to adjust abit.
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    I always try to bid this kinda stuff on a fixed cost basis (not hourly). You can come up with a figure based on the number of hours (or linear feet), but, in your estimate, it would read: bed edging, qty 1 = $XXX.00

    This way, if it takes less time (as with a machine) you still get paid for the work. There is no reason to charge people less just because you are more efficent (like with a machine). I do the same with just about all landscape labor. Just because I have the tools to do it faster, doesn't mean that I'm gonna charge less.

    Don't sell yourself short.

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