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Bed Edging


LawnSite Bronze Member
A small town, NC
Looks like a good idea, but I bet the price tag isn't very inviting :)


LawnSite Bronze Member
Conshohocken, PA
It just depends on the amount of work you have. I would guess if you do more then 500 yards a year of mulch you should start thinking about a powered edger.


LawnSite Senior Member
Cincy, OH
I have used a bed edger on my own house and will do it again this year. The big downfall I found outside of hitting every downsprout drain that was better less than 5 inches, is it leaves a small mound of dirt in the bed that you have to spread back out or remove altogether. You could possibly use a stick edger to clean an existing edge up but I wouldn't to redifine or make new.