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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Phishook, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. Phishook

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    I was asked to give a price on edging some beds and mulching reciently.

    So I've never used a Bed Edger. How fast do they move? How much do you charge?

    I'll have to rent, How much do they rent for?
  2. Harry0

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    We have a bed edger(Bedscaper)my guys don't like it. I am trying to sell it. I know most guys love them. We run the stick edger around the edge and spade them out removing clumps or strips,feather-back with a rake and mulch-Harry
  3. jajwrigh

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    I am going to try a similar method to that on my next mulch install/bed prep. I wonder how long it takes though compared to a bed edger. Have any ideas?
  4. D Felix

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    Edging by hand sucks!!!

    I've used both the box-type (Brown?) as well as a Bedshaper. For cutting new edges, the box-type is better, while the Bedshaper is probably better for re-edging.

    We just got a pulverizer kit for our Bedshaper, have yet to install and use it. Others here have said they like it, but we'll see....

    As far as the time it takes, it really depends on the soil and site conditions, as well as how particular you are. With the Bedshaper and no pulverizer kit, you have to follow up with a flat shovel to cut the angled portion of the edge. With the box-type, you still have to rake the soil back into the bed, and if it's wet, you might as well break out the spades from the get-go.

    The Bedshaper moves faster than the box-type, but the box-type does more... It's really a toss up.

    For straight lines, hand work is the only way to go.

  5. D Felix

    D Felix LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well after using the pulverizer kit on the Bedshaper for the last week, I must say that it has been a major time saver!

    At a minimum, we used to have to take two trucks and trailers to any mulch job. One trailer with mulch, the other empty for edging cut-outs. Now, we just take one trailer with mulch and the edger, run over the edge with the Bedshaper, and rake/blow/shovel the pulverized soil into the beds. It may not be saving a lot of time at the site, but it's saving a LOT of time at the office in terms of unloading spoils. Not to mention, we have one less truck on the road, which means 5-10 gallons of gas saved every day!

    I do see it being an issue in a few years where the soil has started to build up. Especially on the smaller or narrower beds where there's not a lot of room to "lose" the spoils.

    If anyone is considering getting a pulverizer kit for a Bedshaper, I would strongly reccommend getting new final drive belts at the same time. Ours have started to wear down, and with the extra power needed to swing the pulverizer, they start squealling when it bogs down. Other than that, it does a great job!

  6. jbt

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    Bed edgers rent for about $80.00 for a day at United Rental. Get it on Friday, take it back Monday. The one I rent is able to steer. I good soil, you can go at a slow walk. Will go threw small roots with no problem. I rent one a couple of times a year, when I have a few jobs that I can trench over the weekend. Some people on this site say that the going price is $1.00 per foot.

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