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Bed Shaper Bed Edger


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hudson, ohio
Forget labor intensive and back-breaking edging with a shovel. With the BedShaper®, you’ll create clean, sharp edges, even "S" curves, at up to 100' per minute. With these speeds, you’ll cut your labor costs almost as fast as you’ll cut the most intricate shapes! • Quick return on investment! This unit allows you to finish your current edging jobs quicker so that you can expand your business. • By edging up to 100' per minute, the innovative BedShaper® makes short work of your largest edging projects. Competitive machines can only edge 10' per minute. • The powerful notched blade slices through the soil and turf to create a clean, sharp edge .

With 9 hp Kawasaki Needs nothing ready to work. Original owner all maintenance performed as required.

Asking price $1200