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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mcwlandscaping, Apr 21, 2007.

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    On monday, i will be renting a bed shaper to do the edging for most of my mulch jobs, then delivering and spreading the mulch on tuesday. Can anyone give me any tips on the best ways to use these things? Also, are there any things in particular i should be watching as i'm using it? And just any other info i should know about how to use it to the best of its' ability!

  2. green horizons

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    Using one is pretty straight forward (although you usually walk backwards using one). They do produce some debris. Typically they'll throw the dirt into the mulch bed, so I usually couple edging with mulch installation. Locally the soil is clay, so moisture content will dictate how fast it will effectively edge. If it's wet, the machine wil gum-up more, thus slowing production. Also, they'll cut through phone and cable lines easily.

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    If you've got an area that you could practice on, that would be ideal. Especially if you're doing tree rings or working in tight spaces. It's not hard to use once you know how fast you can go and and how well it maneuvers. The main thing is to know where your cutter is in relation to your machine.
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    A little tip I've picked up along the way. When you are done bed edging, there is some grass that is a little rough on the edges. Take a weed eater and trim it back. You'll find a job that looks a lot more professional.
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    I always run my stick edger over the newly cut edge of the bed edger. As stated it really cleanups the grass on the edge.....

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