Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhicks, Apr 10, 2001.

  1. dhicks

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    I was looking at a BedShaper. This machine comes with either a BS, Kawasaki or Honda engine and has a hydostatic drive which I prefer over the Trench Master - manual labor. If any of you own a BedShaper, I'd appreciate your comments whether negative or positive.
  2. bob

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    Is there a link to a website?
  3. earth works inc.

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    dhicks, do you like slice bread ? if so you will love this machine. I bought one last spring with a kawasaki engine on it. Have gone thru one belt and a cutting disk.

    The machine is worth every penny. The employees love it, its easy to operate. The only bad thing is that it travels too slow from one tree to another.

    I prefer the kawasaki over the briggs. Did not have the honda option. It would be a toss up.
  4. Scape Sculptor

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    I am looking at this machine now, I thick it is very slick. How do you guys charge edging. I have been charging from .25-.50 per lin. ft. and people say I am high.
    Would love one of those bedshapers, but until I can justify the cost. Thanks, Dan
  5. dhicks

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    The BedShaper has a web site at My dealer sells the BS and the Kawasaki but not the Honda engine. He claims the Honda engine makes the machine too expensive. However, I bet if I wanted one and started flashing $$$ he'd be on the phone in a NY second.

    I saw the machine at Expo last year and it cought my eye then. I use a TrenchMaster but for me, it takes more strength to operate than I have even on a good day.

    The TrenchMaster is one fine machine, but I'm getting lazy at 47 years old.
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    just saw one today with a honda engine. nice machine. didnt see the price. looked like a good investment if you have to do lots of edging.
  10. BigEd

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    I requested info on the Bed Shaper from the info card in TURF.They sent me out a video,very nice piece of equipment.I will add one to my arsenal soon.The video showed a non-edited real time clip of the machine at work,138 feet in less than 60 seconds.I think anyone interested should request this video,its free.

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