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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by Swarey, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Swarey

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    Anyone have any experience with this franchise or know anything about it?:
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    me and 2 others from our company sat in on a conference call with them after they reached out to us to see if we were interested. As a small company it just wasnt in our interest to invest what they were asking up front just to only get the local rights to something like "Bee Safe" which few if any potential and current customers have probably heard of. If they continue to grow their brand and name recognition than maybe. Their big pitch to us was that in Canada and other places around the world traditional apps are being strongly regulated even outlawed. So the answer is to get ahead of that for when it inevitably happens here in the U.S. Again, seems like a legit and growing company, just not for us for where are at right now. But if you're looking into organics, might be a good place to look into.
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    Not a fan of Franchises in our line of work.

    Granted the Grounds guys are one of the fastest growing in the industry but they are not really growing as much as signing up new franchisee's

    The biggest appeal of a franchise the ability to borrow money and the lender see this as safer than Chuck's mow blow and go. Banks feel like they can sell a subway sandwich shop faster than sally's subs.

    If I were in the food industry something then yes, franchise is killer.
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  5. HawkZ28

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    My ft career is food sales to distributors and operators. I have one local franchise operation I refuse to support because they discovered a long time ago it's more profitable to sell franchises than food, or quality food for that matter. If they open 20 locations in 3 years time, at least 15 close within as little as 9 months of opened. But the corporate office has the franchisees money and royalties, so what do they care.

    What I'm trying to say is regardless of industry, support is key.
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  6. vistaclean

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    Im leary of franchises too...They are becoming more and more common though. One thing I will give them credit for is moving up the price point, making it a tad easier for those of us not running a franchise to compete.
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    Hey Todd, I can say that is not what was appealing to me about the GG. Actually, it was just as hard if not harder to get a loan to buy in to the GG then if I was applying for the loan for my existing landscape business. Banks didn't care that I was using that loan to purchase a franchise. Its the support that comes with this franchise that is the biggest value to me.

    As far as food industry franchise, the problem with those is you can open 1 up and then someone is going to buy into that same franchise you did and open it up 5 minutes from you, now you both are with the same exact franchise, selling the same exact food but now are competing against one another. Which makes no sense at all. Eventually, one of you will not survive and have to close doors. Success is not always what you see on the outside. Just thought I would share this with you. Thanks for reading.
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    I agree that the landscape franchise is a different animal than food service. There is less name recognition, if any. However, we just launched a franchise program ourselves a couple of months ago. I would argue that a residential maintenance franchise that has a solid business plan and systems build for success would perform very well. I guess we will see soon enough ! We just signed a franchise to open in southern MA in spring of 2017!

    But I largely agree - the just because you have a number of locations does not mean anything. Our goal is to build each location to a million in sales within five years.

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