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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by grass.gauchos, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. grass.gauchos

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    Has anybody heard of this company or their parent company Firebelly Organics? Or anyone a dealer for them? They've approached me about becoming a dealer, seems like a steep investment to me when I don't know how well their products work.
  2. Smallaxe

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    You need them to attempt organic landcare?

    I don't know that I would invest in a couple of products, let alone buy a franchise... the biggest problem is, is that people aren't ready for an organic solution becuz it doesn't exist... its like the hydrogen car...

    Once you have a clear understanding of what soil science is all about, then you might consider that strengths and weaknesses of "organic" and invest wisely... Otherwise they are selling you a suckers' con... JMHO... :)
  3. GeoDux

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    Smallaxe - Having lived in Burlington, VT for a few years (years ago) I have to disagree with your comment about people not being ready for Organic Solutions. The entire state of Vermont, Maine, CT, MA, RI, Upstate New York as well as other parts of the US have not only been ready but they are starting to lose their patience. People in these parts of the country are foward thinking - environmentally safe thinking sort of folks.

    If I owned a Lawn Care Business (only have clients who own them) I would be promoting the heck out of "Organic Solutions" and I would do my utmost to educate those consumers who are not on board yet. No, I probably would not purchase a franchise at this time but for one reason only...

    I would position myself, my website, my website name (does not have to be your business name and you can have multiple sites for a lot of additional exposure) and anything I printed in such a way as to let folks know... If you want "Organic Solutions" - I've got them ready for you.
  4. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
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    People really don't understand 'Organics' they only want to imagine that organics is something wholesome, natural and good... something that makes them superior to their nieghbors and that is about as 'forward looking' as it gets...

    The major misunderstanding about organics is that it is more expensive than current practices... and that it is difficult to understand...

    So if you buy into a program then your world becomes magically wholesome... When you buy a franchise, you are saying, I can't do it on my own becuz I don't know why the program is good or another "One size fits All" ripoff...

    I agree that scapers should be at the ready with all kinds of solutions, including organic ones...
    But... we are ready with solutions becuz we understand what is happening, not becuz I have a bottle of magic potion that fixes the symptoms...
    There are no negative symptoms in a properly cared for lawn... Once we get a grasp of that fact, then we'll truly be forward thinking'... :)
  5. GeoDux

    GeoDux LawnSite Member
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    I should have been a bit more specific when I used the phrase "forward thinking." I only meant forward thinking in terms of how a lot of people in these neck of the woods think about the environment. And I have to agree with Smallaxe that the "true organic" end of the business is misunderstood by consumers and often not even needed. Yes, the "Organic" approach may be more "expensive" than it is "realistic or needed" for a lot of folks but when the State of New York said just last week that they are or have passed a law about not being able to apply phosphorus based fertilizers on lawns... that gets some folks thinking. You guys know a heck of a lot more about your industry than I do. My comments come from more of a "sales and marketing" viewpoint.
  6. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'm not sure if the ban is official or not around our waterways yet, but in a de facto sense P apps have already stopped in most areas around here...

    The 'expensive uncertain' aspect about organics is just exactly what does that mean with the understanding of AMF???

    P doesn't seem to even be an issue in any of my lawns, even at seeding time, but the mythology continues to drive organics as an industry...

    That is what I find most frustrating... Notice that this website is full of Experts, but the level of discussion and intelligent response is around the 8-10 year old level of development... Either that or there is no response at all, therefore nothing learned and nothing changes...

    I hang around and continue to talk because there are things that I learn in the process, but to put together a rational program, with a "One size fits All" franchise?!?!! Maybe that is the only way to go... Another mindless TGCL system that dumps money on the lawn and everybody is happy, except the turf... :)
  7. Keegan

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    from CT
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    Their sales rep called me for about 5 straight days. I never returned his calls. I felt the same way. Why would I put a lot of money into something that isn't proven.
  8. HayBay

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    from Ontario
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    Firebelly Organics is Tom Kelly, Paul Tukeys Partner in crime at one time.

    He used to be partners with one of the bigger Pesticide Compaines in the USA. Lawn Dog or something like that.

    The market became saturated and Tom decided to take a chance and promote Organics.

    He was smart in one way, there are so many activists that really know nothing about lawns, whine alot and have lots of money. Why not take their money instead of letting them Sh*t on his head as a pesticide operator with the constant stories of how everybody is dying because of synthetics.

    Lets face it, being a pesticide operator now days is like saying you work at the gas chamber for the concentration camp.
  9. grass.gauchos

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    They were asking $15k to become a dealer not a franchise. That included training class, literature, website and protected territory...I haven't gotten around to pricing out the actual product yet but I imagine it will be a lot more than synthetics. I think organics will be a big seller up here but I will most likely pursue other products that aren't asking that kind of investment from me...
  10. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
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    I would first discover for myself which products are going to actually do something, and base a decision on performance rather than price...

    I'm not sure if the standard wisdom for organics is still: "that you're lawn will get worse before it gets better", or not... If it is the philosophy of your possible suppliers then you are paying too much for their product at any cost...

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