Bee stings -what to do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfdude, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I've been reading a few threads on this lately and just wanted to update some on this topic. Different stinging insects make their nests in different places: yellow jackets usually in ground, wasps like aluminum eaves, behind shutters, etc, hornets and paper wasps in shrubs, tree branches and so on. All of the above need sunlight to help focus and also they use the position of the sun in the sky to find their way back to their nests. Thay are easily agitated by noise and vibration (they love lawn mowers, hedge and line trimmers, etc). Tip: always swat through shrubs w/ a rake prior to pruning. If you find a nest this way, at least you have a chance to flee before getting stung as opposed to being right over them w/ a pair of gas shears.

    For sting victims, ask if they have ever been stung before and if they know whether they're allergic or not. Some individuals get little to no reaction. Others (like me) can get stung on the finger and swell to the shoulder. Others begin to go into anaphylactic shock, and have respiratory problems. Make sure you ask all prospective and current employees and if they have severe reactions, make sure they carry an epinepherine (epi.) pen. It just could save their life.

    Sorry for the long post, but my nephew who thought good old "fat hand" was so funny, almost died from a single yellow jacket sting a few years back. He got stung, started to convulse, was rushed to ER, and was immediately admitted w/ no wait and no paperwork. Doc said 2 mins more and no more Charlie.

    Just always try to beee aware.

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    Good post Man!!! I had one of my guys get stung on Tuesday. The nest was in the ground under a pile of leaves in a wooded area. We were doing a clean up on a new house we just picked up. He got stung 5 times. The bee that stung him in the ear hurt him the worst. All the other stings were on his legs and he had on long pants. A lady driving by saw him doing the "bee dance" and stopped to help him out. The good thing is that he was ok.
    Last year we ran into some many bees nest (17) and didn't get stung once. It became a competition to us. Last year 17-0. This year the bees are wining 3-1. LoLs. I live in Jersey too!! Do you find that their are alot more bees out the past couple of years around here or is it just me? Thanks for the info. I only thing I knew about bees is hit a nest run like hell. LoLs
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    I completely agree with you, Travis. I am finding more and more yellow jacket nests in my area each year. It seems that their population is growing rapidly. I hope that they don't grow out of control or else in future we may be hitting 10 nests in a yard each time we mow. :eek: Someone better start to make an invention of bee spraying device like pressure washer because right now it seems that a canned bee spray is not enough.
  4. BLL

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    My worst case ths year is in one yard. I got stong 3 differnt times in one day by about 10 bees from 2 nests. I left themower sit and said **** it im going to get some gas tonight. Then next week my dad and helper cut it and both of them got stung twice forma different nest. Im bout ready to spray whole yard with gas!!!!!!!
  5. awm

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    i keep a little clorox for stings.
    quickest thing i know . put it on and sting is pretty much neutralised in a minut or so. for red ants ,ammonia wks better
  6. Mike (MLC)

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    On Thursday, I was stung close to my eye by a yellow jacket. I thought I would never get that thing off of my head. He must have been traveling 100 mph!! I am highly allergic to any kind of wasp or bee stings. My face started swelling up like a balloon. I carry some benadryl with me, but I can't take it until I get home(when I work alone), because I pass out in about 10 minutes. When I got home Thursday, my mother- in- law told me to use some clorox on the place I was stung at. I had never heard of that before. I thought she was nuts, but it actually helped take the stinger out. She also told me about the ammonia thing, and at the time we didn't have any and my wife wasn't about to pee on my head!! Anyway, I plan on getting one of those epi- pens to carry with me. Too many wasps, hornets, and bees out this year.;)
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    got stung 28 times early this year.walked on top of a fallen hornet nest while trimming under a kidding!! most pain ive ever had.lasted til the next afternoon.thank god it rained the next day so i could recoup!! i know you all get in that zone while trimming but try not to.i was on my 10 th yard when it happened.trying to do it all in one day and got careless.let me tell you though,it hurts like hell!! just thankful im not allergic or may not have made it.anyway,be careful and keep one eye on your trimming and one on surroundings
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    I did a job for a builder one time that involved mowing along the sides of the road. Sounds easy, I hit a large hill of dirt ( Wrong) it was a nest.
    I had a sweatshirt on long paints gloves the works. I was string 68 time before I could get them off of me. 22 time was in the head.
    A man working in his yard camer to help me by spraying them with bee spray.
    I didn't finish that job
  9. Ricky

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    I carry powdered meat tenderizer (Adolph's) with me for stings. Just make a paste with water; don't mix before time. The sooner you can apply it to the area the better. :)

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    what i always do when stung is fing a water hose spray the ground and make mud grab a handfull of mud and put on sting works great just put on sting and let it sit there while u continue to work mud will suck out the sting and keep it cool be healthy eat your honey

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