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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Sep 28, 2003.

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    I have been stung numerous times, and never had a allergic reaction. Evan times when i was stung 4 or 5 times at once. I got stung on the leg the other day, after about a half hour i started getting itchy, so i was going to the pharmacy to get some lotion and itching started to get worse. I started to get a fat lip, and my tounge started swelling, and i was having trouble breathing.
    I went to the emergency room, and was given i shot of something, and 4 iv shots of something, 2 were benedril, and 2 of something else. This is just a warning that you should be careful, you may be allergic and not know it. And im not overly causious, no trimmer gaurd, ect. But i will be carrying my beesting kit that i got a perscription for from now on.
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    I had the same situation this summer too. I had been stung by my eye on a Friday, it swelled up my face a bit. Then on the Monday I got stung on the arm, and within a few minutes i started to itch like crazy. Looked in the truck mirror and I had white blotches all over my face. Ten minutes later I was sitting in emergency totally swollen up and got the two shots too. Its scary now I keep a close eye on the little critters. I think you can develop an alergy to them over time.
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    An allergic reaction is an auto-immune response from your immune system, attacking some sort of allergen. It's a weird biological system, and sometimes it might take a while before an allergy develops. Young children often outgrow allergies later in life, and conversely adults will develop allergies they never had before. It also could be a different kind of bee that stung you that you hadn't been introduced to before.

    I am allergic, deadly allergic, to peanuts. I carry an adrenaline shot with me at all times in case I accidentally eat some. You never know when you might have a reaction, and anaphalixic shock (severe allergic reaction) kills people all the time.
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    I had the same thing happen with fire ants. I had been bit a few times last year and they just turned in to what looked like a ingrown hair and this years first bites got swollen really quik and it looks like I had hives or golf ball size bumps everywhere I had been bit. And with fire ants your lucky if you only get bit by a couple they sworm and all bite at the same time so you don't even know they are there until its to late. Do anyone know if the toxins can build up over a period of stings until one finally does you in for good. Just something some guy told me but I always thought after a while you would become imune.
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    they give you benadryl in the old fashioned shots, and then give you epinephrine by i.v. your kit you got is most likely an epi-pen
    , the same thing they jive you i.v. but in an auto-injector
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    The way the immune system works in this case is that it finds some kind of structure in the venom, usually a protein sequence, that it doesn't like and views as an intruder. Like it does with a virus or bacteria. And it remembers stuff it does not like. THe first few times you are exposed to it, the reaction might not be that severe, because it isn't programmed to respond or remember that allergen yet. But the more you are exposed, the quicker it will remember. In the case of welts or hives, that is a histamine reaction. White blood cells that normally attack bacteria and other particulate intruders will go crazy on the allergen, which causes the area to swell.

    In the case of anaphalixic shock, or severe reaction, it is an out of control attack. Imagine eating some peanuts, which come in contact with your esophagus and throat, and having those areas swell up in 10 minutes so much that you can't breathe. That's how people die. Epinephrine or Adrenaline shots, the kind that comes in pen form that you stab yourself with, work to counteract that histamine reaction and reduce the swelling.

    An interesting note for folks who have allergies to pollen is that people who live in arid areas with little pollen have few areas. African desert people, etc. And when they are introduced to pollen, they seem to have little reaction to pollen over time.

    Immunology was my favorite class!

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    Immunology was my favorite class!

    I believe it! Very impressive explanation.
    My father,who has always enjoyed working in the yard,is extremely allergic to ant bites and almost died from anaphylactic shock on several occassions.Once his blood pressure dropped to something like 40/0 in the ER.Anyway,after several close calls he went through some sort of "desensitization procedure"at Duke U. and was essentially cured.Landscape professionals are extremely susceptible to this potentially deadly condition because they work outdoors and get stung alot.
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    this is bound to be tough considering how many things have peanut oil on them.

    I used to eat peanuts at the hockey games. I'd show up with the goobers and the guy behind me would always take off.

    I finally found out that if I shook hands with him after eating the peanuts, he'd have a reaction in seconds.

    as for bee stings, I have not been stung yet. first year in the biz without peeing off a nest of yellow jackets.

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    Just a suggestion, because you never know when one or more of the little stingers will try to find you, keep some Benadryl liquid or disolving tablets with your first aid kit. You can take them when you start to feel the swelling anywhere near your mouth or throat. this will give you a little extra time to make a bee line for the ER. I work with many at the FD who have mowed for years and all have talked about the cumulative effects of stings over the years. The bad thing is you do not know which sting will be the one to start causing deadly problems.
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    It was Pepcid-AC.Yes the same Pepcid that you get over the counter.
    I was bitten over 100 times by fire ants one night last year.Had to go to the hospital.I was breaking out all over and the burning was unbearable.
    They gave me Benadryl and Pepcid AC via I.V. Let me tell ya it was INSTANT relief.The bites even disappeared(for the night anyway)Allowed me to get some sleep.Pepcid also has an anti-histimane like Benadryl,but doesn't make you drowsy.If your severly stung,take both.Two to three Benedryls and Pepcid.
    As for the itching in the next week or two(fire ants) Betadyn and rubbing alcohol work best.

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