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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by greenback, Apr 21, 2004.

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    i have an f250 and i want to beef up the springs so the bed does not sag as much. i tow a 6x12 enclosed(1200lbs) with about 1500-2000 lbs inside. on cleanups i pack the truck to the top, see rack on truck,if pic does not come out i will fix. i feel like i am throwin up a wheelie sometimes. what is the best way, not the most expensive way to beef this up. thanks pic is here.
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  3. Heron Cove PM

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    Find a spring shop. Have 1 leaf added to the main pack and 1 or 2 to the overload pack.
  4. Mark Lawncare

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    Sell the F-250 and get an f-350 with a higher GVWR.

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    I Have a ford f 250 and i have 1 ton coil springs on the front of it
    and got 3,000 lb progessive rate helper spring on the back of it they work good they are made by hellwing go on .
    they are about $ 200 for the kit but worth it i have air shockson the back to they are $100 for them try that . put a ton of rock in bed and did not sag a all . If you need any help e-mal me at

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