Been a while, I'm Back! Lets talk leaf sucker

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by KLC LAWN, Nov 6, 2018.


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    Hi guys, I have been away from Lawnsite for a while... Have been a member with my old company K&S Landscape all the way back to like 1998... Anyhow I just picked up a used Billy Goat leaf sucker 16hp and I saw somewhere a replacement blower wheel that is supposed to grind and suck the leaves better... Anyone know where I can find one. Just added an updated video on my leaf box setup with in action video check it out on Youtube and subscribe if you like. I am going to add lots this winter fixing stuff up. Just search KenMrKLC in youtube search.
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    Piranha blade?
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    To me something doesn't seem right with the way that vac performs. I only skimmed through portions of the video because nine minutes of watching someone else do a cleanup is torture but whole dry leaves should suck up faster than that. I wonder, is your leaf box vented? It was hard to tell what was actually happening with just a music background.
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    I agree with you, that loader should be pulling in more vacuum then what it is doing. OP was the loader at full throttle when you shot the video?
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    I've got the 14hp, not really by choice when mine went out that was all my dealer had and I needed one on the spot. It did ok till the tips of the impeller blade started to wear down and sort of bend over. It felt like I was at about 50% suck power running full throttle. Old and worn impeller? Jack's has them for around $235ish for the 14hp model.

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