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Been awhile but looking for feedback. I am into my 60s now and needing to make it easier to take care of my home and 6 acres. I will try to be brief. I mow all 6 acres with a 61inch 329B Grasshopper, except about 7000 sqft of zoysia which I push mow, catch the clippings, empty into the front end loader on my tractor and dispose of in a dry gully. I also have a lawn sweeper that I run across about 20,000sqft of fescue (cut with the GH). So in total, I pamper a little more than a 1/2 acre of the 6 acres I own. So, I had to get a guy recently to mow that 27,000sqft and he used a Walker with the GHS and power dump. I have to say I was very impressed with his setup and thinking maybe that is the answer I've been looking for. As I stated above, the 27,000 sqft is the part that causes me the work. The rest I can just ride. So, I am wondering about thoughts on the Walker. What size would I need? The guy that mowed for me had a C19i. He showed me a lot of the pros but the power dump was eye catcher for me. Are they reliable and durable? I realize they are very expensive but I'm looking for something that makes it easier for me and want to stay here as long as I can. I know there will be those that say just hire the guy to to continue mowing for you. But, for those of you that are getting older and have always enjoyed doing it yourself---you understand. Thanks for any feedback guys and sorry for the length of this.

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