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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by D&R, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I haven't posted or lurked in a while so I though I would post just to say sup?

    I am now entering my third full year of mowing. I have a solo operation that consist of about 10 "good" accounts. Following the advice of many Lawnsiters, we started out slow and small and have built a nice extra income. I know some of you full timers will call me a scab, but we pay taxes on what we earn and have insurance. This year we saw the opportunity to grow, but decided against it in lieu of ridding ourselves of some PITA accounts. We dropped our worst 3 accounts this year before we started. We have put 7 of our 10 accounts on contract and #8 of ten paid the year in full. Some of you may say only 10, but of the ten accounts only one is a half acre and the rest are HOA or business accounts that have 4+ acres.

    This post is not meant to brag or boast, but I am sure someone will hi-jack it and turn it into something it is not. When we first started 3 years ago we had the bottom of the barrel left overs for customers and we are happy about what we have built.

    Hope everyone has a great year!
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    I'd say awsome man, I guess you gotta do whatg works best for you. right now Im trying out the "High Volume" way of doing things. with 10 accounts atleast you know the quality of the work is there, with 100 accounts the quality can be questionable at times.
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    Nice to see you back!!! Sounds like your making some money and having fun. Good luck this year!!!!:waving:

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