Been in the biz for 10yrs, but just now getting started!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KingOfCupCar20, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Hey there! great site/members.

    K heres the deal i have been maintaining residential properties for ten years, started in middle school with a push mower and neighbors, high school got a truck and some commercial equipment, kept it going through college....

    I am finishing my education this year at college and next year will be going all out with the business making it my only of right now i have 30 residential clients, and have never seeked out new ones because i have been busy enough with school, i have picked up a few clients over the years due to word of mouth but no flyers or anything...i know all about getting commercial contracts, how to find them, bid and aquire, thats not a problem.

    I am planning on passing out about 10,000 flyers at the beginning of next season to up my residential portfolio to go along with my estimate of 5 commercial accounts that i plan on recieving next question is this, do you guys put a price on the flyers that you hand out every year or simply put "Call for a free estimate"...what has worked better for you, does it matter, who does what and has anyone tried both?

    thanks a million have a great day, i look forward to getting to know some of you through this fantastic site, and cannot wait to contribute when i can over the years!

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    A similar question was asked by a different member in another thread. You may take a look at it and get some ideas.
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    i don't put a price on mine i just put free estimate that cuts out the penny savers

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