Been running 16-6.0-6 tires on PG Triumph sulky

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    I have been running larger tires on PG Triumph sulky at low pressure for suspension, higher clearence and better handling of going up or over curbs, test.
    They work great for suspension and going over curbs and things with ease.

    Been having isues with tube sidewalls getting leakes from running lower pressure and tubes wearing/pinching on the inside of the tires. 20180517_163032.jpg
    You can see the wear marks on the tube from the inside of the tire.
    Today I tried something new, I cut the inside area of a tube out that had a leak instead of throwing it away and put it over the new tube as a wear guard inside the tire.
    Hopfuly it will work.
    These tires hold 2.5 gal of RV antifreeze

    I also may do same thing in the future with all tire tubes I have to replace instead of throwing the damaged tube away.



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