Been Using My Quail Kick Edger

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Skookum, Apr 5, 2001.

  1. Skookum

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    I have a Quail kick sod cutter that has been a invaulable tool for the last several years. I purchased the Edger last fall for plans to use this Spring on tree rings and beds.

    I used it last week with great results. It is by no means a substitute for the ease of a motorized bed edger when doing hundreds of feet a day. But, I did 10 tree rings and about 150 feet of bed edging in one afternoon and was not wore out or anywhere even close to it. I was able to get about a foot and a half of cut with a good kick. I would estimate I was doing about 10-15 feet a minute.

    Nice thing is it cuts a nice straight cut down at the turf edge then tapers up to the bed thus cutting out a nice "V" shaped piece of sod or dirt. Just lift out the entire cut piece and instant edged bed. Fill with mulch and your done.

    Best thing about this edger is it is about 1/10th the price of a motorized edger and takes up little room in the truck. For the small investment, I would recomend it to anyone, it is much faster and looks better than using a spade.

    Check it out at

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  2. awm

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    looks like something i might want .what did you pay for each tool
  3. Skookum

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    I recall I paid about $220 for the 12" sod cutter about two years ago. It has a reversable blade that I have not had to turn around yet. It is still as sharp as when I got it. I have cut about maybe 1/8 to 1/4 acre of sod with it, that includes in that number about 30 tree rings. It works really good at leveling out hard soil.

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  4. kutnkru

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    Now thats right up there with the Amish work ethic!!!

    I personally just would not have the time to use one of these for our accounts. Although after the fuel sources are depleted in 2045(+/-) we will ALL be back to this methodology of invention.

  5. Skookum

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    I'll finish my post now that it is the middle of the night and AOL will not kick me off!

    I paid $239.00 for the complete edger as not to have to change blade setups from the sod cutter. I do not recall what the edger blade alone costs. But, I did buy a 6" sod cutter blade that was $40.00.

    These tools are very well made and well worth the money. Like I stated before they cannot take the place of a motorized bed edger, I guess unless you do have a "Amish work ethic", which I do not. I like it as easy and effortless as the next guy. But, this is 10x faster than a spade and awfully handy for such a small investment. A $2,000.00 bed edger is great if you have the accounts to use it on. Even if you had a bed edger or sod cutter, I'll bet you could still get your investment use out of these kick cutters.

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  6. awm

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    Now thats the way I think.Dont get the 1000 dollar suit
    until you got a thousand dollar do to go to.Course there is always, build it and they will come approach, but thats for the heavy betters.

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