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    OK, Here goes. I'm hedging around the base of an azalia today, things are going good and I feel this pain in my arm. I then feel pain in my legs, hand and other arm. That is when i notice that there are bees all over me and my hedger. So like the calm cool and collect landscaper I am... LOL... :laugh: I drop the hedger and go running, all the while slapping, waving and cussing trying to get them off of me and stop stinging me. My helper didn't know what to think. But he said I was pretty funny looking doing that dance. :cool2: I was doing.... :laugh: It took us a 1/2 an hour to get my hedger back. the bees were all aver that thing while it sat there running. All in all I got stung 9 times... ouch. :cry: Anyway. What is the best stuff to use to get rid of ground bees?
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    any type of bee killer would work, I would'nt get that foam stuff from the big box stores, I get the type that shoots up 10 to 15 ft. stream, BTW next time before trimming shrubs I usually take a rake and shake the hell out of the shrub and look around the ground for bee activity before I do any trimming !!
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    Does that bee killer stuff harm the plants? And what is the secret to make the itching stop. I was up all night because where i got stung it itches like crazy.
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    that happened to me with the undeground bees. i was mowing around a dead tree.... and all of a sudden i felt something on my leg...( i was wearing shorts) and noticed that there was a swarm of bees around the tree and stinging me... so like the cool,calm and collected landscaper i am. i let the mower go and start dancing and screaming like a maniac. everyone found it quite funny. the client, the town workers cutting the island next to the house, the workers across the street, my buddy whom i work with. when that happens usually the gas comes out before bee killer.
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    i have had the same problem and i have found that if you can find the hive throwing a tablet of pool clorhine in the hole and then dumping a little water on it works pretty good too, they go away and don't come back

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