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    Any of you have any stories about wasps yellow jackets etc.

    a few years ago i was turing over soil with my mantis :nono: bam dug up a yellow jackets nest and was stung a lot. fortunatly im not that allergic to them so i walked it off and quit for the day.

    today i am mowing a back yard and see 4-5 hornets (there the ones that don't look like 2 halfs right) buzzin around. I decided to take my shovel and get them got one and was to much of a Bltch to go after the other ones. so i told the customer who said that was a good idea to pack up early today.

    any of you other guys have some good ones.
  2. steve45

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    I posed the question about 'Killer' bees a couple of months ago after some were found in my area. Nobody really had an answer. I think the best thing to do is survey the area before mowing.

    I haven't added a CO2 fire extinguisher yet, but I think that might be the best defense against Africanized bees.
  3. ChadsLawn

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    do a search on here for bees. I think there is a pretty big thread about them
  4. jpp

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    Well, two of us got stung today by dang yellow jackets. The one got stung at two different sites. I am mowing on the second one and look back and see he is on the ground and the mower is up against the house. I jump of the z turn run back and he is up by then. I said what happened He said I got stung again. I said go ahead and ride and I will get the back. Take the mower down the step and bam I got nailed 2 times around the ankle. Still hurts right now. Upon further review I went over the dang nest and did not even know it. :hammerhead: Needless to say the back yard did not get done and I found a new way to get the mower in the back yard.:waving:

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