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  1. CelticKY

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    Need to get rid of some ground bees. I have used a whole can of wasp/hornet spray and it only killed the ones that got sprayed directly. Also I'm allergic so i need them gone without have much close in contact. Any suggestions?
  2. frotis

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    Borax or Boric Acid powder down the hole, they will get it on themselves and kill the entire colony. Only takes a few bees with the powder on them to kill the entire colony.
  3. CelticKY

    CelticKY LawnSite Member
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    Thanks I'll give it a try.
  4. razor1

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    This isn't your traditional remedy but a little gas will do the trick too.
  5. 93Chevy

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    What kind of "bees" are they?
  6. RigglePLC

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    Yellow jackets typically nest in the ground. Very active at this time of year. Seek sugar and various picnic supplies. Our local entomologist, Dr Smitley, suggests drop a half paper cup full of sevin dust into the hole and near the hole at the "landing zone" for the buggers. Do this at night when it is cool. They get the dust on their bodies and contaminate the rest of the nest. Better yet --if you are allergic--play it safe; get someone else to do it. This type of hornet dies at hard frost.
  7. AmGreen

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  8. foreplease

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    Good advice above. If you must go the fuel route at least use Diesel-it won't explode when you light it.
  9. EVM

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    Don't kill the bees dude.
  10. CelticKY

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    These are not the ground bees suggested in the link from Walter Reeves. This is a nest with hundreds of bees going in and out. It is in my backyard and I have smaill kids and I myself am allergic so I am going to kill them. I will try the chemicals suggested and let you knoe what works. I appreciate the input.

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