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Befco 15' Finish Mower


LawnSite Member
Bought a piece of equipment and inherited this large 3 piece mower in excellent condition. Any help on its value and sources to sell it. It's approx. 8 years old and was used very little by a local school system.


LawnSite Member
Dallas, NC
I used to use one to mow an airport. It's a piece of junk. The decks are waaayy too heavy for the wheels. If you have solid tires, the bearings blow out and if you have pneumatic tires the tires roll off the rim when making tight turns.

But to answer your ?--- It's worth 3-5K


LawnSite Senior Member
A new 15 ft Befco sells for $12,500 to $14,300 depending on medium duty or heavier duty model.

Use a pressure washer to clean it up good. Sharpen and balance the blades, grease it all up, especially the deck guage wheels, check and add grease/gear oil to the gear boxes.

Put it in your local papers classified for a couple weeks. How about Tradin Times or Auto Trader mag. You know - those ones you see in the rack at your gas station.

Is there any institution near you that needs to mow mucho acreage ? College, Hospital,school, park system ?

Those Befcos mow really well and will gobble up acres of grass FAST - plus the Befco takes less horsepower to run than most others like it. They have really efficient gear boxes. If you keep the wheel bearings greased and keep sufficient air in the tires, the Befco wheels do OK - they just need someone to get off the tractor seat and do regular daily maintenance, like any machine needs.

If that unit is in the super clean shape you are describing, I would expect it to bring at least half of new price.

Do you have a nearby tractor or Befco mower dealer that would sell it for you on consignment ? They may do it for a 15% or 20% commission.


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Louisville, Ky
It is a piece of junk. I had a 17' and had the same problems with the wheels, so traded for a 20' which had bigger wheels. I didn't have any more probs with the wheels, but everything else fell apart on it. A 15' new should only be about 8K. I sold my 4 year old 20' for $3500, and was glad to get it. I have a 22' progressive, and there is no comparison. I wouldn't pay a dollar for it, but you might be able to get $2000.