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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by cleankutlawnmaintenance, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    Up here people pay us to clean white pine needles up twice per yr!!! It's so different what customers want in diff parts o the us!!
  2. BrandonV

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    Landscapers down here love pine needles because its an easy way for them to make it look like they made raised beds, when they really didnt. Some love the look, i too lime the look but you have to out them out twice a year for the color to last and they do burn so no go for commercial areas and some cities are starting to catch on as well... Iread that raleigh, nc has written them into the code for apartments.
  3. cleankutlawnmaintenance

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    Thank you all for the opinions, good and bad.

    Pine straw to me, personally, is easier to fool with than mulch. I also have a few yards that I mulch as well. As far as the general maintenance goes, pine straw is much easier. As some have said, mulch can get very messy when trimming, etc. It is also easier to spray weeds and re-cover them with straw that has already been layed than mulch. Too each his own, I am just a fan of pinestraw. I tend to make a little more money on straw as well. But as far as general maintennce, IMO, straw is easier. And im a fan of it being as easy as possible in the 102+ humid days we have been having. Got to love these dog days in Georgia.
  4. ochosdaddy

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    I'm glad pinestraw isn't sold in Oz. I don't understand that stuff. I spose some people think it looks neat, but to me, I don't see anything but a severe fire hazard. It's even argued to have an effect on soil pH.
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Im the same looks like a fire hazard to me
  6. Will P.C.

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    Pine straw is what is used in most GA homes like the one mentioned. I use it at my house. Pine straw looks really good when it is first applied. The problem is most people only reapply it every 2 years. It needs to be done2X a year. I like to 'freshen up' my straw by adding a few bales spread thinly every other month.

    Sadly, landscaping is often the last thing on the to do list when selling a home. People get so caught up on the inside and blow through their budget.

    The first thing a potential h/o sees is the outside of the house. If it doesn't jive, it will be another strike.
  7. VirginiaLawnCare

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    Looks good and you did a good job but damn I hate pine straw!!! I am glad no one uses it around here...
  8. 944own

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    I have one house I cut that has pine straw. I did not install it and I think it looks ok. One positive thing I can say about it for some reason when you get grass clippings in it they just seem to disappear and I have no problem getting a good edge around the bed and I never throw anything around like when you hit mulch with your trimmer.
  9. hoopzers3

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    Those are some puffy beds. When i look at the soft puffy straw beds it makes me want to go lay in it. Did u have that problem when you where making the beds?:sleeping:

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