Before/After Pics of Small Job

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by randallwise, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. randallwise

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  2. br549oicu8

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    Big improvement but they sure have a water problem in the making the way the slopes run to the structure. Wonder if the runoff will wash the mulch down the hill?? Tough task! I hope it stands up to the elements out of your control.
  3. S man

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    Nice presentation. And nice job.
  4. cleancutccl

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    Nice job, that music almost put me to sleep after a day in 90 degree + heat :sleeping:
  5. cgland

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    i like the look of the walkway, but I think the joints on the patio are way to large. It will be next to impossible to put a table or a chair on it. My .02

  6. Dirty Water

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    My first thought was drainage as well.

    I hope they have the proper drain setups around those footings.
  7. randallwise

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    Yes, the builder put in proper drainage around the footings. Made our job easy as there was little excavation. We did grade toward the ends of the home.

    The entire slope is planted w/ various ground covers which will help stabilize the soil. However, it is extremly rocky with volcanic basalt, so the potential for ersosion is minimal.
  8. N.H.BOY

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    Nice picks and slide show looks neat. Good looking job also. I did the same thing around that tree with timbers awhile ago that was on a slope. Looks good.

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