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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Garden Panzer, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. trying 2b organic

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    What size of mower is that? 36 ? Looks great. Is that a split boom Echo with the articulating attachment or a dedicated articulating hedge trimmer? Also, if you dont mind, is that you only hedge trimmer? I am debating on whether to buy the attachment for my split boom or get a small normal hedge trimmer. It would be helpful for me to know if you can do all your hedges with the big articulating or just break it out for giant laurel hedges.
    btw is it really that dry in Seattle this yr too? The lawns look like all my lawns. and are u the poster that once said they live in an area with small lawns and big plants cause wow, looks like that is def the case. (and for me too) :)
  2. Garden Panzer

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    Yes, those shears make a 90* cut..... I looked into split boom stuff and just go with dedicated units. I cut EVERYTHING with them, well SHEARABLE stuff anyway! I use hand pruners allot, in fact more than anything.....
    These sites run on the spicket, ie- irrigation, otherwise the grass is straw..... it's hard to make hay without water!
    These latest pics are from my BIGGEST lawns, and they were cut with the FAMOUS TORO 2 cycle 21 commercial mower.....
    in the wet times I use reels 18' or 25', reels rule the day of rain because they'll pick up EVERYTHING and cut SMOOTHE in a downpour.....
  3. Green Care

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    Like the edging there Panda. Real sharp there.
  4. Garden Panzer

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    I'll post some edge pics in the winter, that's when we peel back the edge on all planting areas, and most turf areas....

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Very slick work panzer. Especially the trimming of the shrubs.payup payup

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