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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Venturewest, May 30, 2008.

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    This is a small waterfall that I rebuilt yesterday. The original feature was built 12 years ago, and is a good example of the breakdown of soft sandstone.

    I found it really challenging to build up the falls with such little room to work. I used no soil at all under my liner. I also installed a small filter falls from Savio and did my best to hide it. Definitely built in less than ideal circumstances but it should last a long time.

    I came back to finish up some small touch up, and there was a 3' snake that had found a new home in the rocks. I was glad the homeowner warned me.

    Side note. I used 4 cans of waterfall foam on this tiny feature!




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    Looks good, considering what you had to work with I think you did a great job. Do you have more pics? Is it a raised pond? Check your pm's I sent you one a couple weeks ago that you must have missed.

  3. Venturewest

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    Hmmm... I just checked my Inbox folder and for some reason your PM never showed up I guess. The last thing I have from you was in early April. PM me again when you get a chance.

    Yeah this was a raised pond. I guess the property is on such a large rock ledge they couldn't excavate much. The falls is all I rebuilt. The rest of the pond looks like it has held up alright. It has a swimming pool pump and a sand filter and stays amazingly clean with several good size fish.

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